Sunday, April 30, 2006

A great man.

He was a giant in economics both literally (he was 6'8") and figuratively. Not so much for his technical expertise, but with his free-thinking style, independence, integrity, and good-natured humility. John Kenneth Galbraith died today aged 97.

I am sure a pantheon of writers and correspondents will comment on his amazing life and place in history. I found (and will continue to find) myself at odds with much (all?) of his arguments concerning the proper way to incentivize individuals to achieve wealth and prosperity, but I can think of no other "economist" (if that label can be applied to such a multi-discliplinarian) that brought forth the great equalizer of "common sense" to economic debate, nor used the english language so well as a means of communicating rather than obfuscation.

I can only say with my deepest respects that a great man has been called home. I hope for this country's sake that there will be more like him...but a man like that only comes along so often. A great man. Rest in Peace.

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